Tax Accountancy Association Union of Chinese Taipei


Tax Accountancy Association Union of Chinese Taipei

Address No.52, Taihe Central St., Changhua City, Changhua County Taiwan, 500 R.O.C.
Phone 886 4 7282601
Fax 886 4 7282609

Organisation Overview

The Tax-Accountancy Association Union, Chinese Taipei (hereinafter referred to as the Association) has brought together tax professionals to provide professional assistance to taxpayers. This serves as a bridge between the government and taxpayers, and undoubtedly known to be very successful to make significant contributions to the development of tax policies in Taiwan.

As the predecessor of Association of Tax Accounting Agency Professional Union, Chinese Taipei, the Association was established in 1989. Thereafter, the Association promoted the Tax Agent Act (later renamed as Certified Public Bookkeepers Act). After the completion of legislation, the Association reorganized in 2006 in accordance with such act to remain in its current status.

With 23 local associations under its jurisdiction, now the Association has nearly 5,000 members to serve more than 70% of Taiwan’s small and medium enterprises. The Association adheres to the purposes of promoting research and experience exchange in the field of tax accounting, helping the government to promote tax reform, simplifying the tax filing system and establishing a fair and reasonable tax system to create a high-quality investment environment.