Aug 13, 2014

AOTCA Taipei Meetings and International Tax Conference

We are pleased to inform you that the AOTCA Taipei, Taiwan Meeting 2014 will be hosted by the Tax-Accountancy Association of Chinese Taipei and will be convened at the Regent Taipei Hotel on Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 October 2014, inclusive.


Information in relation to the AOTCA Taipei Meetings and International Tax Conference can be located on the Conference Website where you will find a welcome letter from Ms Tsai, Jao-Ling, President of the Tax-Accountancy Association of Chinese Taipei along with the conference program, conference registration form and hotel registration forms.


We request that you complete the event registration form and return to the Tax-Accountancy Association of Chinese Taipei by 22 September 2014.  The hotel registration form should be returned as soon as possible and suggest that this be completed by 30 August 2014.


Please note that the VIP Welcome Reception is for the attendance of the President, Deputy President, Honorary Advisors, Advisors and the head of each member organisation plus their partners if travelling with them.

Please note that only one representative from each member organisation and AOTCA officers (President, Deputy President, Honorary Advisors, Advisors, Auditors and Secretary General) are exempt from paying the registration fee.  All other delegates will be required to pay a registration fee of US$250.   Please forward conference registration payments as per the bank account details on the registration form.


If a member organisation is unable to send a delegate to the 12th General Meeting of AOTCA, please submit the “Power of Attorney” to the AOTCA Secretariat by 17 October 2014.


Click here for details and documents relating to this event.

Thank you.



Noel Rowland
Secretary General