China Certified Tax Agents Association


China Certified Tax Agents Association

Address 11 Floor, Block A Yu Hui Building, No.73 Fucheng Road,Haidian District, Beijing, 100142, China
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Organisation Overview

China Tax Expert Advisory Network, was registered by the State Administration of Taxation, taxation experts, regulatory approval, in the telecommunications, industrial and commercial administrative department registered by Beijing Tong net 10000 tax Tax Consulting Co., Ltd. specifically responsible for the development and operation of large tax-related consulting services site.

China Tax Expert Advisory Network, closely surrounding the SAT on the implementation of three represents the spirit of good service to taxpayers actively carried out the principles and policies as the guiding ideology, tax advisory services as an entry point to promote tax compliance, legal tax saving , to avoid the risk of tax, lower business costs levied for both sides to maintain the dignity of tax laws, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayer for the purpose to meet the nation's tax system to effectively prepare for the taxpayer services. Business Tax by the State Administration of Taxation and the provinces, municipalities, cities with independent planning CTA trade management departments and the Certified Tax Agents Association direct supervision and management.