Oct 2019

Towards fairer and more efficient tax systems: the GTAP founders sign the Torino-Busan Declaration

On October 3, on the occasion of the Global Tax Advisers Platform (GTAP)’s inaugural conference in Turin, the GTAP founding bodies issued the Torino-Busan Declaration. In this document, GTAP sets out four key short-term priorities to pursue its fundamental purpose: the promotion of public interest by ensuring the fair and efficient operation of national and international tax systems.

The four priorities highlighted in the Declaration are:

Tax for Growth;
Sustainable Tax Policies;
Tax and Digitalisation;
Taxpayers’ Rights and Certainty in a Fast-Paced World.
We invite you to read the Press Release for further information about the Torino-Busan Declaration. A copy of the document will be made available on the CFE website in due course.